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Nuffnang - Family Day Out Blogging Contest

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It's Nuffnang's Family Day Out Blogging Contest 2009
- Tickets to Singapore Flyer and other fun attractions to be won!

I'm so anxious about writing this " Family day out blogging contest 2009" because this is my FIRST time participating!! Yeah the very first time and I believe there's always a kick off starting point for everyone!

The recent movie contests such as StarTrek, Confessions of a Shopaholic blah blah blah does not interest me in participating because it's always held on weekdays.

Although I know that my itchy hands would surely tempt me to write up an entry for such contests, but my mind keeps reminding that there's school the next day, there's homework to be done, there's projects cum presentations...

and I kept telling myself

"pek cek lah why always weekdays, can't weekend? If not I will join lor!"

Nevertheless, this time round is different! Family day outing sounds damn attractive and what's best for me is...

The event is held during WEEKEND! *jumps up high!

Here I begin!


“The things I want to do with my family!”
Obviously when this question is prompt to my family members, they would say:

I have many things I want to do with you guys, I want to this.... I want to that... I want to go this...I want to go that... I want to try this... I want to try that... Let's plan for... etc etc...

But just what are the things that I really wanted to do with my family???

Being an adventurous child I really want to:

  1. Have a dinner every evening with my family
  2. Have a picnic at the beach
  3. Scuba Diving
  4. * Visit the Singapore Flyer!!

The first thing is having dinner with my family every evening


What matters most is, even with some simple home-cooked meal, we must make an effort to gather together and share our daily experiences with one another :)

Now that we ( children ) have all grown up, we tend to eat outside with friends and did not go home to eat or we will just packet food from any food outlets back to home because my family members usually comes home at different timing!


The second thing I really would love to have some weekend outing example going to the beach/ East coast park for sun tanning, picnic or even riding bicycle with my family!


It has really been a very long time since I last visited the beach with my family. Back in times, I think I'm only 5 or 6 years old when my daddy brought us to the beach, we had picnic by the sea and we even rent bicycle to cycle

Although I could not really remember the exact details, but all I could say is we had lots of fun there!


Riding bicycle is the fun part!

How I wished we could still go there...


The third thing that I want to do with my family is scuba diving!
To be honest, I have never go to scuba diving ever before in my whole life!

I really wanted to try it out one day because I find that such activities would be damn fun!

But sadly my parents is always against these activities because they said that these activities stand a higher chances to involve in accidents such as drowning!!!


That's why I wanted to go scuba diving with my family so as to let them try out the sports, until when they realise that scuba diving is meaningful , then THEY will APPROVE me of this sport! * Evil :P

I feel bad to have such a "wonderful" plan * Smiles widely *

What matters most is a time and a place to spent with my family member during our free time when we have no work or school!


Last but not least, I want my family to visit the Singapore Flyer during family day on 30th May because it's the perfect reason why we must be together what's more it is on SATURDAY :)

Shiok lah.

I have never been on flyer before.
My family members have never been on flyer before too.

Take a look at the picture below of the flyer without the capsules!!!

P/s: My family have been eyeing to go up to the flyer even before the flyer is completed.


But up till now, the flyer was completed long ago, we still have not been up on the flyer!!!

How sad! waaddaheeelll!


Out of the 6 choice that nuffnang have given me

1) Singapore Flyer
2) Singapore River Cruise
3) Rhino Tour
4) Hippo Tour
5) Hippo River
6) Chinatown Heritage Centre

I have chosen Singapore Flyer because my family & I have never been up on the singapore flyer before! So if I win this 7 tickets to the flyer, I will be able to bring them up on the flyer to let them enjoy 30 mins of " heavenly" reward said to be sponsored by nuffnang!

Everyone deserved a break and time to relax right?


Regardless of working, schooling, sports, events, partying or any other activities, we ought to spent time with our own family members to create a precious bonding with them!

So what are you hesitating for?!

Get your ass moving and start to plan a day outing for your family!!

“Start planning for your own Family Day Out on 30 May 2009! Visit!”


Hurry Hurry! Don't hesitate to see this poster already! Although I know it's cute :P


“Start planning for your own Family Day Out on 30 May 2009! Visit!”

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