Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Television showed
"So you think you can dance"

However, I would like to discuss about my Topic for today's entry:

So you think you are that perfect?



I really hate polluting my blog with rants, but can I simply just close both eyes & let the matter rest with such a blunt remarks & ACTION?

I dont really wish to BOOST the matter up & I hate going on & on like a nanny.
So i will keep this rant short & sweet.

But I totally believed that misunderstanding could be cleared peacefully.

The purpose of posting this topic up on "www.sexy-swisz.blogspot.com"
There is one simple reason

I DONT WANT PEOPLE TO HAVE A BAD IMPRESSION ON ME just because its just one side of the story & it will influence them with WRONG impression. Just confront me straight & dont sprout unnecessary remarks behind my back. I dont feel good.

I would like to repeat myself here about my dislikes; Read twice, read thrice if you dont get it.
( I'm sure everyone hate it as well, just so simple)

1) Hate backstabbers
2) DETEST people who think they are always right
3) Badmouth behind one's back
4) Proud, Brag, Lie, Cheat, &..Blah blah..
5) Ignorance
6) Arrogant ( I HATE THIS MOST)
7) Looking down on others ( I HATE THIS MOST)
8) Critising others

P/s: My own rant from my heart. I didnt mentioned any names so it is not directed to anyone. Please dont sue me nor Hate me ;P

Love me & like me. but not hate. haha!
Hope this will clear up misunderstanding! (:
Peace my friend. & may the friendship sail on.

( My heart's burning, so why not extinguished it before it gets too tedious & leave a black mark behind? )




Yesterday was pay day!
Only till today, I received the stupid piece of paper!
"The pay slip"

At last and finally my irregular cash flow problems has came to a temp fullstop (:

Just TEMP only lor
I really spent a lot these few days. uhhhh
Money is fkin hard to earn _-_

I wonder how long can I last with the $ in my bank now.



Regarding the Computer studies book request by few person,
I have passed it to Latep already..

Cause he asked me first.
If any secondary 5 students who wanna CS books, try asking my CS friends

Perhaps they have not throw it away.
I dont know. But try asking lor also no harm


Also regarding the "most confirmed O lvl result date",
I did mentioned " most confirm"
I didnt wrote 100% confirm.

*Just to save the trouble of people asking me how sure can I confirm*

Teachers of my school have told me that its 13th
I dont know about other school
Some say 15th, some say this friday or something.

So I think the only way is to trust the newspaper or MOE website?
You can choose to believe me or not. lols..

I'm not sure either.. But I trust my teachers...
Or else how they become teachers? haha

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