Thursday, January 29, 2009

Okay okay!
I know my cough just wont stop lah!

Getting more irritating & more irritating already lor
I haven been coughing since 2 weeks back & untill today, I'm still coughing non-stop
Dont know whether if I'm diagnose with anything.

Touch wood

But again still, Its very hard to say leh.
I often have chest cramps before I go to bed

You know You Know

The feeling is like soooooooooooo SUCKIE can???
This is getting on my nerve!
Just some coughing marathon campaign happening in my lungs I suppose LAH!!


Any cure for that?
Just few days back, I just added a plurk comment & ask people if there is any cure for that

I have received some comment like:

-Cough medicine or see a doc. Take care!

-Drink lots of liquid. don't eat those new year food first. =D

-Bah kua will make it worst

-Eat all the CNY food now. Yi du gong du!! =X Chey! Jking! So early eat bah kua, ltr...after CNY, still can't eat nice food =O

-You to drink honey plus hotwater plus some drops of lemon juice (:

I really didnt have the time to spare and listen to those comments due to CNY visits
and AND and
chinese new year will tempt me to eat more new year crackers as well as BAH KUA! hahaha

P/s: Serve me right hor? :(



I shall start off fresh today
Any kind soul have any SIMPLE tips of how to cure coughing, share with me

( And I mean simple, which dont need to cost much money eg, seeing doc)

I dont like to go the doctors, so please dont ask me to. Lol

P/s/s: I might try " Honey + hot water + some drop of lemon juice to see if it works

P/s/s/s: If there is another method like adding whatever juice or syrup, just drop me a tip :)

I find this article rather interesting in the net
Or maybe I should say, Email

This are very old articles already so if you have seen before, why not see again? haha
It wont kill you if you see these articles again, only your brain juices will be squeeze dry thats all!


(By: Sexyswisz's super logical theorem okay? :P )


How do you find these faces?
I made them myself (;

I wanted to post the website here, but I forgot the website that is able to mix & match these faces! lol

If you are interested, google it!
I'm not sure what are these called, but mixing & matching the faces is surely very fun when you are boring or have nothing to do! :D

THEY are so UGLY! woohooooOO!







Their faces are not proportion, so I'm gonna say again, they are super ugly once more ;)
I thought I did save the website in my favourites, but sadly I didnt. haha

But if you made an effort to google it, you will find it!

P/s/s/s/s: If happen that anyone found it, please let me know

Enjoy this joke!
Be ready to twist your mind a little to get the joke hor



Remember this cartoon character?
We watched it before when we were all kids right?

( I assumed everyone watched it before)

So up till today, you know that Popeye has trouble finding his mother ?
Be it a mystery or what-so-ever,
Its so obvious that Popeye has found his mother after so MANY years!


* Here comes his mother*!
* please Laugh!*



Adorable isnt it?
* applause me for finding such cute MOM for him* LOL



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Loong: gambling is good for ur maths calculations mah. HAHAHA!

Mike: I woke up @ 10.5am today lorrr.. Ytd till 4AM super tired. LOL

Meng Huat: I know its not the real MH, please dont spam or I will start banning IP

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