Thursday, November 20, 2008

Before going to Marriott..
Me, Jing Long, Beng & American met up and we headed to sebas hse.. It was raiining heavily at that time.. ;(
Look! we dont even look like we are ready for graduation in the afternoon.. LOL
We wore sloppy clothings.. hahaa
and and.. we can even take photos!
But, after awhile of fun, we decided to dressed up.. it was around 3pm in the afternoon...
and we left at 4pm.. its fast isnt it??
After dressed.... (:
We look great!
Thats it!. This advertisment part is abit wierd....
I feel so awkward .. as I'm the only one that need to change into soccer out fit...
I dont like this part.. =(
But thanks to Hong an .! the animation of me "stripping" seems so cool. haha
Thats me making speech!! * nervous* :S
Some random pictures! :DD
Friends that I wont forget forever ..
Dont u forget me && les (:
So much fun yesterday! Dont miss ME! haha
I love this picture with Ms How! :)
Hope theres chance to meet her in future.. wahaha!
Safarina && Me rehersing for the Emcee.... phew its over now.. finally..
Random Pictures too!
Well friends, whether do I know you or not, or whether U know me or not, I will miss u guys greatly! Simple words, those seeing my blog now and friends whom i knew, i wont forget you guys.. Reallie have a great time in Boon Lay sec..
WAHAAA I cant wait to graduate!!!

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