Monday, October 25, 2010

Term-Break is over!

BOO-BOO-BOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Term break is over...

Means no more work for me and it's time to concentrate on my studies already! Have been working almost everyday during my term break that's why I'm like so so so lazy to update my blog.

Hahahahaaa!! Finally school is starting and I'm not so looking forward to it/ as well as I'm so looking forward to it. Confuse much?... I'm as fickle minded as that.

Got to really buck up for this semester already! Need to score GPA above 3.4 then I'm able to push up my grades to the grades that I'm aiming at... Really eh! Cannot pray pray, must really mug smartly, make sure I pay attention in class and my mind must really be very very clear of my target & aims!

I HOPE I CAN!!!! Yay!!!!!!! :D

And and and... If i'm really bored of lessons (3 min hot temperature- translate into chinese yourself!) , I shall do some random blogging about my current life in poly, fun stuffs happening around me and all sort of shitty nonsenses happening to me!

Juicy juicy blog entry coming up sooooon! Won't find any short short post liao!

Really can't wait can't wait! I'm anticipating for school NOWWWWWWWWW!

Anyway, I'm working hard trying to earn some cold hard cash for the time being in order to fulfill my dream phone - iPhone 4! Bawhhh, can't wait to get a hold of the phone lah walaoeh.. SO many people has it already and how can I not have one too! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Alrights alrights, going to sleep now! 11am class tomorrow!

Till here for today! :')



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