Saturday, September 04, 2010

*Whoppy* Breakfast within 10mins!

Does anybody have the same problem like me each morning? Flicking your mind around deciding on what breakfast are you going to have? 

Well for a lazy bum like me always trying to squeeze out the most efficient way to conquer my meals. BREAKFAST ESPECIALLY! Because I'm a heavy sleeper and I tend to wake up anytime after 12pm. 

So.... One fine day, I decided to pay a visit to the grocery store near my house and grab a pack of...




It's pretty cheap for a box of 2 tiny piece of pizza. (I can't remember the cost of it) 

That's what lazy bums like ME AND YOU always do right? Hahahahaa! Easy what! Just open the box, grab a slice of pizza and toss it into the microwave and wait for 5mins...

Then we're ready to eat!!! Then that will be my breakfast!

Don't even need to apply any "KAYA", "Peanut-butter", etc... SO SIMPLE!


Well seasoned Pizza! Hawaiian Flavour somemore! Where to find?! Ha!


See see see?? So easy right?

Just switch on the microwave, toss the frozen pizza into it, then shut it's door and set 5mins!! So after 5mins of  heating up, the pizza... will... be.... ready... to.... EAT!!



* Saliva dripping madly already lah!*!

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