Tuesday, June 22, 2010

EPIC FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember the other time when I was mentioning about some interesting & funny encounters that I've went through during my times in Wuhan, China last March - April this year?

This one, really EPIC. But it failed totally!!! Hahaha!

Just read those words carefully, and see if I'm wrongly MALIGN!


Stupid Jaslyn Ong started this whole random boliao thing!! She stated:

"Those who agreed, sign here!"

The signatures signed onto the tissue paper was spontaneous and many of them approved of her statement!!! 

Arghhh, How can they do this to meeeeeeeeeeeee! Walaoooeh! :<

P/s: This is not a paper, it's a goddamn freaking TISSUE PAPER!


Finally they have the budget to upgrade from tissue paper into paper!

Well Done, Clap clap! ;)

Still so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad luh! Drew me sitting on the electric chair! Even drew the stupid graveyard labeled "R.I.P"!  But it's quite cute tho.... Hahahahahah!



Hehe, pardon my stupid fugly nonsense drawing!

I know my drawing suck balls, and even a kindergarten child can draw better than me. However I scribbled and completed this drawing within few mins so what to expect?!! 

Wheeeeeee!! Mad awesome! :)

I'm merely just copying those Traditional Chinese style of tombstone designs... At least you get the idea of what I wanted to draw right?.........................

Laugh die me lorrrrrr...