Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hello Peaposs!!!

Surprised to find me updating here?! Oh No, please don't be! I'm here just to spread my temporary bloglink http://sexy-swisz.onsugar.com !!

I've made quite a number of posts regarding my China Trip already! If you haven't read, here you go!

I wonder.... why are there still people viewing this dead blog despite it has been already shifted for half a month le!... Ha! No worries, it will be alive once I'm back in Singapore.... Prolly in about less than a month time!!! Can't wait to go home... Muhahaha! :D

Anyway, I think my chinese improved a lot leh!!

真的!我可以讲很流利的中文了!我从来不跟中国人说英文的!很开心! :D

Bye babes/dudes! 很爱你们啊!

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