Tuesday, March 02, 2010

1 More Day!!!!!

" Getting more and more excited! "

Just 1 more day for me to hang out... Will be meeting my BFF and clique, secondary school friends tomorrow for last dinner before I leave SG!

Feel so loved! Ha!

Anyways, I've completed this within a night as a birthday present for my BFF (Michelle)!


Owed her this present since 30th September 2009 and I finally can pass it to her tomorrow! Happy! :)

Hahahaa! If you are wondering why I take so long to pass her this present, it's just because I'm freaking busy!


Update tomorrow, stay tune! Love!


Michelleee said...

Michelle likes this post x6735812918301201730197 !!!

Kelvin Tan said...

This makes me miss my hang out buddy so much :(

tekkaus said...

Wow...you have been busy for...so many months? Anyway it is always better late than never right?