Sunday, February 07, 2010


You all must be wondering what's with my title heading?

There's no link with Bar, Bo and KILL! Nothing is wrong with my heading but I'm just rephrasing it in a different way! Hahah! (Trying to act cute??!) Nah, not really.

In fact it's the words that were trying to act cute with me! Ha!

Anyway, that's not important lah! Hahahah! I'm just trying to utter rubbish that are nonsensical. Ignore me please! I'm not my usual self these few days!

Anyway, what I'm going to update for today is the BBQ aka Barbecue with my school's Build Environment Society! First BBQ event for the year ever since I last went for their Night Cycling last December 2009!

Anyway,... URGH! Ok, No more ANYWAY FOR ME! So unprofessional to keep using the word "Anyway"! Totally makes me feel like wanna toss that word away but I can't stop using!

ANYWAY, I apologize for my poor quality photos below! The pictures are soooooo "distorted"!

Time for me to get a new camera before I leave for my china trip!

Oh ya Oh ya!!!

Forgot to tell you guys that prolly in few weeks time, I will temporary shift my blog to another temporary blog for me to blog while I'm in China! As you guys know la, China has block many social-media websites...

In contrast, we are unable to access to

I'm shifting to Onsugar, so hopefully I'm able to blog my daily happenings over at china LIVE and you guys can feel the "presence in china even though you are not there!" :B

So stay tune for me to announce my *New* site soooooooooooon!

Back to topic of what I'm going to update...BBQ! Didn't took quite a lot of pictures because I'm busy playing games and most importantly of all, EATING!!!!




Guo Sheng!




Yong with his classic look! Ha! :B


I prefer this take 2 shot because it gives me a feeling that everyone is ready for the camera!

Ke shi hor, Yong's face is still as spastic as before! Just that this time his mouth is open a bit and his twist are gone, that's all! :3


Acting *Niang Niang Qiang Pose!* Aww man,... that's pretty sweeeeeeet!

We played quite a number of Pokercard games till we are effing bored of it!

Isaac decided to do something rather interesting! At first I thought that he's mad because he wanted to stack the cards up building a mini "tower"! I laughed and say it's impossible, HOW COULD HE STACK!?!!

Eh, but I was proven wrong!

I tried stacking but I couldn't! I need steady hands! *ouch!


A very good start!





Damn! I'm stunned! Couldn't believe it! Anyway, it's not my first time seeing card stacking ok? I've got friends who attempted to do it but all FAILED! Ha!




Meddle with school's property!


My turn to give speech! *Poops*

"A very good evening to all my lecturers... friends and guest.... I'm Meldric and I blog at..... SEXY-SWISZ.BLOGSPOT.COM"!


Totally madness if I were to say that in front of everyone! Wheeeee! =)