Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When I'm still able to be lifted up with your palm

Since when it's the last time that you've ever flipped open your baby photo
album and look through at your own baby photos once again?

I bet many people wouldn't even bothered to look through it right now, right?

Maybe you can classify me as "Bo-Liao"... I make the effort to see my baby
photos when I'm free you know? Haaaaaa! Some are really funny while some
are scary!

I had a shocked because till date, I've yet to realise that I've grown so freaking
much compared to last time! In short, I've lose weight and gain height!!

Let me share a few of my baby photos! :

When I'm only 1 month old... Wasn't really a good boy yet therefore I'm not
permitted to bath on my own! Ha!


*Gives everyone the buey-song stare*

I kept struggling while bathing.. making mummy pissed off all day long and
soon, she gave up on bathing for me and "YAY" i'm able to bath on my own
since 2 years old! :)

Independent yupps!

Don't you all find my arm and cheeks a little over-chubby?

I know have a fat tummy too! ^^ That's a good sign!! I'm fat and plum before!


When I'm 2 months old... Grew a little bit of hair and learns how to smile! :D


With just a little bit of crushing force from my dad's arm, my ribcage will
crumble into pieces!!

I'm still so small and tiny! No different from a doll...

Sorry, but I've to keep saying that I'm suppa adorable when I'm a baby! LOL

True whattt.... ;P


When I'm 3 months old, more and more hair already!!! =D


Learning how to throw temper till everyone in my family finds me irritating,
including grandma! (Slap self)


When I'm 6 months old!


Got bullied by my elder bro yet I still don't know!!

If he's doing that to me till now, I would have box him long ago! :P


When I'm a year +


Learned how to cast out my first ever "Hi-Five" to my parents! Whee!!

Adorable chubby cheeks... Didn't know that i love wearing caps since young.
Only realized till until right now when I'm blogging Siao!


When I'm 2 years old... ( CAP AGAIN!! LOL )

I'm a big fan of those retro baby caps I guess? :x


Feeding your friends at the Zoo! Say Hello!!


When I'm 5 years old...


Your friend again!!! Wahahaha!!! (:

Anyway I'm born in the year of the Monkey therefore I'm in love with Monkeys!

See I'm so daring! So young yet brave enough to support the fat monkey!


When I'm 6 years and 6months old...My first time flying high up in the sky via
parachute!!! It's freaking scary you know?


At the same time, it's my first time travelling overseas by airplane!

... Thailand was my first country that I've ever traveled aboard!


When I'm 7 years old... Started Dancing!!!


Can you believed that's me in the picture above? Muhahakaka!

Unimaginable huh?

I admit... It looks so ..... "Gu-Niang" (Raise hand agrees) Hahahahahaaha!!!


When I'm 11 years old...


Very Tan! Still as Tan as ever! :x

A very adorable bugtooth, just for youuuuuuuuuu! ;-B


When I'm 13... First year in secondary school!!!


Begins the journey to engage myself with blogosphere on my previous old blog!

(Thinking that it's gonna be boring and nobody wants to read them)

Started using friendsters and started to know more virtual online friends!


When I'm 15 years old... when this picture was posted on the net....


Was surrounded by many different "fans" and some even re-posted my
photos up on their friendster accounts or even blog!

Crop, photoshop or anything that could be done and I saw everything!!

I'm not blind though I might pretend to be one...Ha!

That's the most cunning part of life.............


When I'm 18 this year!! ( A recent photo taken few days ago )


I've grown up finally... I'm 18 this year! Yay-ness!

I know what's best for me, what's not worth for me... Know how to think... Know
how this society works... and I swear that there's no more next time I'm going to
get fooled by the blogosphere!

I might be young, but I swear I know how business operates because I'm studying
that course!

I'm not a fool.. So you think you are smart? Think thrice.

Time to wake up Meldric!!! 18 tough years ain't easy to pass by...I blog for myself
and this is my blog so please respect what I'm blogging. I enjoy blogging, enjoy
attending events.. I don't need any advertisement unless I'm offered and I'm willing
to do free ads as long as I'm happy, sure why not... it's not a problem! :)

This world ain't all about money you know...... Money isn't everything!
I don't give a damn!

It's the funnn and all I want is the funnnnn!!!

I know what I want and I don't owe anyone a reason! Muhahah!

Byeeeeeee!! Loves!


Stephen said...

You look so cute when you are 5 years of age. What happened? heh heh

@JGrey_ said...

Nice post at the last paragraph ! u wan ur K2 photos up too? i can post it up HAHAHA ! FK THOSE Who think their ads are important to bloggers ! cheers

kimberlymay said...

you get to fly on a parachute?!?!?!? THat's freaking AWESOME!!!

Zenniie said...

Very interesting=)...So cute n funny

SexySwisz said...

ER, I think it's more than just 5 years old! LOL.

SexySwisz said...

Yes yes please send it to me!!! :) :)  

SexySwisz said...

When I was young lah, err.. it just those child's play parachute lah! But it's fun! :D

SexySwisz said...

Haha Thanksss :P

deph said...

LOLs! hahah, the baby so cuteeeeeeeeeee

SexySwisz said...

cuter than ur meimei right? :P