Sunday, January 17, 2010

Iluma K-Suites

Prolly this is my last time writing events about nuffnang already!

I've decided to free myself out of those stupid blog advertising website and
stuffs because if you don't know what happen recently, I'm pretty unhappy about
certain things how nuffnang and their clients handle contest entries.

I know I'm nothing but just a mini fly and whatever that I'm going to say won't affect
much to the company but as long as those stuffs that was not cleared between me
and them, I'm not going to let the matter rest.

( I hate it, but I really have no choice but to fight for my rights! )

Just the honest view of the public, I'm bound to prove everyone wrong!!!!!!!!!!!


Was forced to go for this Nuffnang Event, If I don't go, I will get BLACKLIST!

Holy, what a bad threaten. Was frighten and I went for it... yet I gain nothing out
of it and realized that it's just pure threatening of innocent nuffnangers with the famous

I'm so fucking scared, just pee onto my pants! *Whoops*

Motive: To prevent bloggers from going to 24seven's Hat-py party!

Nevertheless, I shall save all arguments for my upcoming entry if I felt threaten again!


This entry is a heavily photo-edited entry!

I've found out a software recently which enables me to edit my photos into
those very adorable kind therefore I decided to play around with it and edit
most of my pictures using this software!

Hahahaahaa! I apologized for the lousy editing but at least you can see my
effort of editing each and every picture right?

In the process of editing, it's quite fun because I get to play along with different
kinds of editing features and many other buttons to meddle with.






I'm there only for the free food? Err, maybe it's more than the free food but
I'm quite sure I'm not like some cheapo people who is there only for the free food
and nothing else.

Constantly begging others for a treat and stuffs? I've got a very big problem
and issue regarding that.


Yay! There's no disgusting people in this photo!


Raising stars to vote for the best singer...


*Boommz* I voted 7 stars for Dolly!


Chloe, Cheryl, Andy, Alton


June, Cheryl


Raine, Jiaqi, Qianyi

No matter what happen, friends remain as friends because I don't associate
blogosphere's problems together with real-life problems.

I know who has been working hard all these while and I really appreciate the help
given! In fact it's the company that I do not trust right now.

Thanks for viewing my blog, remember to comment!
(Does this phrase rings a bell? Disgusting!)


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my xl bff is back? HAHA

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Chill man! :)

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