Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Santa didn't grant my wish! All my life, I always worship Santa as my living
"genie" hoooowever that grumpy fat-old-man disappoint me once more!
Instead of casting a magical spell to make Singapore snow during Christmas,
he went completely insane and made Singapore Rain...
Everyday SOMEMORE!!
Seriously, which of the days you notice is bright and sunny de har?
Only morning, and morning I'm still sleeping, how to see..
Rainy day is a major mood spoiler! :(
*** *** *** *** *** ***
Every 24th December, all of my family members would head over to my 4th uncle's
house to celebrate Christmas eve! Same routine every year and we get to play
new games ( Song Guessing, Human Bingo, Balloon, Dress-up ) yearly!! YAY!
However all of my cousins gain maturity every year, so it defeats the purpose of
preparing "balloon games" for us because we don't play! Lol.
So paiseh to play all these, whereby everyone will just stand a side, avoiding
the game... so what for? (:
*Ahem*... you know when we grow older... who wants to play game already..?
Ya'll get what I mean!!! HAHAHA!!
I love grilled chicken wings!!
$110 ham turns out to be so salty! A total waste of money!
I like the designs on this ham, I can tell that the chef spent quite long carving
out the word "Merry Christmas" cause the wording are nicely shaped out.
The Ham itself should be costing around ... $100 and prolly the words should cost
around $10! Ha!
Sylvia webcamming with us using Skype all the way from Denmark in this large
LCD TV screen whereby everyoneee could see her face big and clear! :))
Oh yes, anyway she's back in Singapore already!
I don't know if it's a game or a challenge by decorating this huge ball above.
As requested from my uncle, we got to decorate this huge ball and by midnight,
we must whack the damn thing down and we will know what will happen....
*Excited right!?! *
Was split into the guy's and the girl's team (maybe a challenge) and we decorated
the ball with the limited materials we got in hand by 5mins!!!
Amazingly we came up with these:
Guy's Santa Ball!
Girl's earthhhhh ball?? ( NO LINK AT ALL ) Ha!
Apparently when the minute hand struck 12am, I immediately struck the ball with a
stick, constantly hitting the ball and treat it as my enemy!
and actually the surprises was..................................
FULL OF CANDY SWEETS! ----_____----"
Celebrated my cousin's birthday yearly on Christmas Eve.
I was one of the reindeer for this year's party!
*Excited*! Cause I never get to be one for the past few year before! Last year was
my brother's chance but this year was me and my few other cousins!
Doodles! A group pictures of us!
*** *** *** *** *** ***
Ever Seen before how Santa was dressed up?
Come let korkor show you the backstage of Santa getting dressed before
his show starts!
Singaporean Versions of Santas Don't really have the SIZE, therefore we
resorted to use "Pillows" to buffed up our size to match the actual size of
Wahaha!!! Something New and we got to learn!
No choice! Due to our Warm Climates, Santa cannot grow fatter so have to
stuff pillows inside our suit!
Something's missing...... BEARD!
Santa is ready for his show! Yes, I'm sure he's ready! ;P
In fact he's ready to give out our prezzieeeeezzzs! ( Exchange Gifts! )
Ignore the santa w/o boots! Ha-Ha-Ha! *Whoooppps*!!!
All of the lovable reindeers plus my parents!
I enjoyed my Christmas eve celebrating with my family!
Hope everyone will be as happy as I do!
(well even if I don't due to several reasons, I would still hang up a smile on my face)
Not worth frowning for things that are redundant and are worthless to be mad with! :D
Merry Christmas and have a great blasting New Year!! Kaka-Kaka!


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