Monday, November 24, 2008


Chalet is today!
I dunnoe if I'm realli looking forward to it... haha
It happen like too sudden about the planning...
Yesterday, some came to my house to plan...

It was suppose to be a discussion, yet we ended up playing mahjiong...
We were so engrossed in the game and forgot about the planning till the last moment when Leslie wanted to leave.. hahaaa
Guys, wheres the adminstrative fees? Theres 4 of us.. so $100 per admin. Laughs!
20 people are going so there shouldnt be a problem :D

Yih Loong drew up this

Terms & Condition:
1) Everyone has to pay the certain amount regardless of their presence
2) Violation of terms & Conditions will result to Death!!!
3) Back out of chalet will have to get screw by us and double penalty on how serious the offence is.

Woooooohooo! sounds good huh these terms?
Bettter PAY UP $$$ to ME! (:
Or else ..........................


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